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Before I started JACKIE MOVERS I used to work for anotherS moving company. Then in 2009, I got the opportunity to start my own business (jackie movers). The main purpose of jackie moving company is to make your move easier with very affordable prices. Jackie movers only hires people that have at least 5 years of experience. Jackie movers are very friendly. I give every crew the equipment and materials they need to make your moving experience a success. If you require Jackie Moving services, you will notice the high level of service that my workers provide on your moving day . Jackie Movers assures you that you will be happy once we are done providing you with our moving services. Jackie Movers is a full relocation service company. Jackie moving is committed to make each move successful. Helping you is our biggest responsibility; Jackie movers will take this responsibility very seriously, skillfully handling every step of the moving process to ensure your satisfaction.

Keep in mind that the more packing you do, the cheaper your move is likely to be.

My name is Jackeline Maldonado, I am the manager-owner of Jackie Movers and I have movers who are 100% experienced providing moving services. Every new mover will have to go through our inspection, and Jackie moving services will make sure that the mover has the experience to give you the best quality moving services. When you move with us, three or four times, you will see the same movers, that way it will keep my moving company more reliable, affordable and efficient. and we will have a very good relationship with you and all of our costumers.

Call us at 1-800-722-0445

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