Minimum charge is 3 hours on all moving rates

2 Professional Movers & truck = $95.00 per hour

3 Professional Movers & truck = $140.00 per hour

Any additional mover is $45.00 per hour

We have trucks BIG enough to move the complete contents of a 3 bedroom house

There are only 4 charges on your bill:

1-) Contract Time: time starts when we arrive at pick up location and ends until we finish moving everything that you need us to help you move.
Our minimum Charge is THREE hours. If for any reason the move takes longer than THREE hours, any additional time is calculated on increments of 1/4 of a hour.
If it gets over the 8 minutes of contract time it will be rounded to the next 1/4 of a hour(next 15 minutes).

2-) Double Driving Time: Any Driving Time of our truck while it is working for you is additional and will be charged at the same hourly rate how it was booked. The same current Special will also apply to the Double drive time. If it gets over the 8 minutes of driving time between pick up and drop off locations time is rounded to the next 1/4 of a hour(next 15 minutes).

3-) Use of Materials: Any non-reusable packing materials such as Shrink wrap, tape, plastic bag for mattress, packing paper etc. will be charged additionally.

4-) Fuel: Our minimum charge for fuel is $30.00 this fuel charge.

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What is Double Drive Time charge from Movers?

Ans:/ In California, all movers are required by law to charge "DOUBLE DRIVE TIME." Double drive time means all moving companies charge you DOUBLE for the time it take to get from your pick up location to your new origin destination, and some companies charge for the time they start the truck, other moving companies charge you for distance.

We don't charge you for the time it takes us to go to or from our branch at the end of the day. Instead, to pay us for this time, we double the time between your pick up location and your new origin destination. Sorry it's the law.

Below is a detailed description of our moving rates. There are no hidden charges.

We appreciate if you chose JACKIE MOVERS for your oncoming move.

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